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Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills have the ability to grill, bake, slow cook, braise, and barbecue. The recipes provided by the website will have customers constantly trying new meals. There are options available for all sizes, such as the PTG, a small, portable grill useful for tailgating, camping, or even small apartment living. It weighs only 40 pounds and runs off a standard 110v outlet.

Traeger offers different lines of grills, including the Select series, which contains grills appropriate for classic barbecue cooking. It provides storage space and side shelves and is available in three different colors. The Pro Series contains the Texas Pro, which provides a grilling space of 892.5 square inches. The slightly smaller Lil ‘Tex Pro provides a grilling space of 577.5 inches, a size perfect for a family of 2-5 people.

In addition to grills, Traeger offers its own brand of rubs and sauces. Another unique aspect of these grills is that the company provides different varieties of wood pellets to add flavor to dishes cooked on the grill. Wood pellet varieties include hickory, apple, oak, pecan, and maple, among others. Traeger only selects the finest hardwoods from across the country to go into its pellets. A number of other accessories are offered by Traeger, including apparel, covers, fire pits, and serving platters.

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